About MCM

Mission Statement

MCM is dedicated to achieving superior risk adjusted returns by investing in companies with competitive advantages operating in markets likely to experience long term growth.  We believe shareholder value is created through fostering organic growth, driving operational excellence, providing access to capital and enhancing the depth and strength of management teams.

A Long Tradition

MCM Capital Partners, founded in 1992, is a Cleveland, Ohio based private equity firm focused on acquiring niche manufacturers, value added distributors and service companies generating up to $75 million in annual revenues and having enterprise values of less than $50 million. MCM is proud of its outstanding reputation built on an honest, straight forward approach to transactions.

We leverage our experience and network of contacts and advisors to foster an environment of sharing best practices and driving continuous improvement amongst our portfolio companies.

MCM believes successful investment outcomes result from a business relationship built on trust, communication and a common vision.  We are active investors from a strategic perspective and, to the best of our abilities, add value to portfolio companies via our collective 70 years of investing in micro-cap companies, connections within a broad array of industries, and ability to help you expand your managerial talent and human resources, if necessary. We believe it is essential that management continue to have the freedom to run the operations of the company on a post-transaction basis. We would be happy to provide you with contact information for our CEOs so you can hear directly from them what it is like to be a partner with MCM Capital.

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