RMB Products Enters Life Sciences Market

Published: April 2, 2018 | Topics: Portfolio News

In April 2018, RMB announced the launch of CryoVault™ (https://www.meissner.com/products/cryovault-freeze-thawplatform). The product, a proprietary, scalable, robust,  single-use freeze and thaw platform for the storage of high value biopharmaceuticals, was developed in partnership with Merck.  RMB has partnered with Meissner Filtration Products, a leading biopharma equipment supplier, as its exclusive distributor to market the system. The Cryovault system has significant advantages over competing flexible packaging solutions.  The platform is scalable up to volume requirements of 75 L.  Further, CryoVault™ uses robust rigid wall single-use assemblies to protect your product from fill to dispense ensuring fluid integrity which can be a challenge with flexible packaging.

This represents RMB’s first major entry into the life sciences space, a market MCM believes RMB can grow into through leveraging its unique high purity plastics rotational molding capabilities.

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