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What to Expect from Legal Due Diligence When Selling Your Business

We interviewed Brent Pietrafese, M&A attorney from Calfee, Halter & Griswold LLP for an overview of M&A due diligence and what business owners should expect from this part of the transaction process.

See below for discussion topics.

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Discussion topics include:

  • What legal specialty groups are involved in due diligence? (1:06)
  • What type of information is requested from a buyside legal team during due diligence? (1:56)
  • What if a business owner doesn’t know the answer to a legal M&A due diligence question? (3:37)
  • Why is it important for a business owner to hire an attorney who’s experienced in the M&A transaction process? (4:20)
  • How long does legal due diligence take and who from the company needs to be involved in the process? (5:29)
  • The importance of hiring a team of professional advisers outside of the organization to help with the sales process and due diligence (7:30)
  • Best practices for business owners preparing for a legal due diligence process and most common issues that arise during due diligence (8:10)
  • What are the most common factors that hold up a transaction during due diligence? (11:06)
  • Advice for business owners entering an M&A transaction beyond preparation and organization of documents (12:55)