Well Capitalized

What is a Senior Operating Partner’s Role at A Private Equity Firm?

In this episode of Well Capitalized, MCM interviews Harry Shimp, Senior Operating Partner at MCM Capital.

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Harry Shimp discusses:

  • What is a Senior Operating Partner in a private equity firm? (2:14)
  • How important is communication? (4:39)
  • What type of information should be communicated to the PE firm? (6:26)
  • What is the appropriate frequency of communication with the PE firm? (10:22)
  • Why does a Senior Operating Partner have weekly calls? (12:58)
  • What attributes make a business attractive to a Senior Operating Partner at a PE fund? (14:45)
  • How does a Senior Operator get involved in a business? (18:29)
  • How does a company maintain its culture after change in ownership? (20:06)
  • What advice would you give to a business owner looking to sell to a PE Firm? (22:18)