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Selling To A Private Equity Backed Strategic

We interviewed Matt O’Donnell, founder of North Shore Commercial Door, on his experience selling his business to private equity backed strategic Torsion Group Corp. Matt discusses the timing of the transaction, some of the emotions he dealt with throughout the negotiation process, trying to juggle running the business while negotiating the sale, and gives some advice for business owners contemplating a similar transaction.

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Among other things, Mark discusses:

  • What made it the right time for Matt to sell his business? (1:50)
  • What was Matt looking for in a strategic partner? (3:15)
  • Transitioning from owner-operator to his new role with Torsion Group Corp (4:15)
  • What emotions did he deal with throughout the negotiation process? (7:08)
  • What were Matt’s goals for the business entering the transaction? (12:35)
  • How did he balance running the day-to-day operations with the transaction process? (15:40)
  • Advice for business owners contemplating outside investment and what he wish he’d known more about prior to entering negotiations? (16:34)