MCM Team

Joe Williams

President and CEO of EMX Industries, LLC

Joe Williams serves as the President and CEO of EMX Industries, LLC in Cleveland, OH.  EMX manufactures a line of electronic sensors for detecting people and vehicles and keeping them safe around automatic gates and overhead doors.  EMX also produces a line of specialty optoelectronic sensors used in industrial automation applications.

His experience includes a 20-year career at Electrolock, Inc. a manufacturer of electrical and thermal insulation materials for the high voltage power equipment, battery, wire and cable, automotive and electronics markets.  Joe’s primary responsibilities at Electrolock were business growth and product development.

In addition to his responsibilities at Electrolock, Inc. Joe was also President and CEO of The Dunstone Company for 12 years with corporate headquarters in Hiram, Ohio and main operating branch located in Charlotte, North Carolina.  Joe led the acquisition effort of The Dunstone Company in 2005 and led the strategic direction and product development of the business where it enjoyed significant sales and profitability growth during his tenure.  Dunstone manufacturers a full product line of heat shrinkable films that are used to consolidate composite parts during their curing process.  Dunstone’s primary markets include aerospace and high voltage power equipment.

Joe is a member of the Board of Directors of Performance Plastics based in Cincinnati, Ohio and RMB Products in Fountain, Colorado.  He also serves on the Board of Directors of Notre Dame Schools in Chardon, OH.

Joe is married to Barbara Williams and they have three children.  In his free time, he enjoys golf, skiing, cooking and spending time with his family.