MCM Capital’s Competitive Advantages

MCM differentiates itself by offering the following advantages to each of its portfolio companies:

Ability to Provide Operational Support

MCM maintains relationships with seasoned executives from a wide variety of industries, including engineered materials, composites, specialty chemicals, electronics, transportation, building products, material sciences, laboratory equipment, component manufacturing, adhesives and sealants, specialty chemicals and flexible packaging. These contacts can be utilized for strategic guidance, consulting, or access to business opportunities.

Access to Human Resources

MCM is desirous of maintaining all members of an incumbent management team. However, at some point during MCM’s ownership it is not uncommon that a key human resource need arises at a company. In addition to our network, MCM maintains several relationships with top tier executive recruiters, enabling MCM to provide a CEO with a list of pre-screened candidates to consider for his/her management team.

Outsourced Corporate Development Services

Since MCM’s business is to acquire companies, we are an excellent resource when it comes to sourcing and evaluating potential add-on acquisition candidates for your company. We maintain a proprietary network of over 4,000 business intermediaries we can access to identify specific add-on acquisitions for portfolio companies. Naturally, MCM’s acquisition search work is in close concert with management.

Establishing a Value Added Board of Advisors

Each portfolio company will have a Board of Advisors typically including the CEO of the company, two representatives from MCM and seasoned operating executives. MCM will work alongside senior management in determining what type of skill set will add the most value to the respective company.

Asian Sourcing Capabilities

In February 2006, MCM acquired STACI Corporation, a North American headquartered company enabling domestic manufacturers and distributors to source products in China. While STACI is a portfolio company, it has become a unique resource to our other portfolio companies seeking to take advantage of Asian economics of low cost products.